Petrol Pressure Washer Reviews: End Of Season Cleaning Made Easy

It’s a common moment for campers – getting the tent out for the first time of the year, only to realize you’d forgotten to clean it before putting it away for the winter. If you’re lucky, its just a load of dried mud to deal with. If you’re unlucky, it’s going to be a damp, mouldy mess and hit and miss whether it’s survived the cold season. Even if it’s still intact, you might need to deal with the smell.

So, what should you have done?

Well, the end of the season is a time for chores – there’s no getting away from that, but you can make the job easier.

Firstly, make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job. Do some research into the best pressure washers, not least because you can often pick them up relatively inexpensively at the end of the summer. After all, you’re after them at the time when everyone else is putting them away. You’ll want something that’s going to pack a reasonable punch to lift the dirt, but not puncture holes in the canvas.

There’s loads of pressure washers on the market, but the best ones are petrol powered rater than electric. There’s a couple of reasons why petrol pressure washers are superior, but the main one for the type of task we’re talking about is you don’t need a power socket handy – so you can take it in the car on your last trip of the year and hose it down on site. That means you don’t need to put it up again when you get home, unless of course the last day is pouring with rain. We all know what a pain it is to pitch the tent in the garden for no reason other than to let it dry out!

If you’re not sure about what you need from a pressure washer, take a good look at the review pages on the website, especially their top rated best pressure washer by Wolf, which is incredibly popular in camping circles. It’s perfect for washing from a distance, and will give the car a good clean too – music to all of our ears!

Going back to pressure washing on a camp site, one final tip is not to leave it too late. On a very hot day it still takes at least a couple of hours after you get the pressure washer out to dry things out, and where the tent meets the grass (particularly if the grass hasn’t been mowed recently), it may stay damp longer. Ideally clean up on the afternoon or early evening before you leave (although not too late as parents of sleeping children nearby won’t thank you!), so you’ve got overnight and a bit of the morning when the sun comes up to get the best chance of being fully dry.

Finally, dry means dry. No slightly damp to the touch, dry! if it’s not quite there, sorry, but re-pitching when you get home is essential, especially if its going to be a while before it’s used again.